The book, Father, written by Deborah Bedford about Fr James Stevens


by Deborah Bedford

Englishman James Stevens attended a Billy Graham rally when he was sixteen. It changed his life. Ten years later, he was living in India, up to his armpits in floodwaters and mud, helping desperate people.

It was the beginning of a life dedicated to others. James has rescued thousands of children from the slums of Kolkata, giving them a home at Udayan, an education and a pathway to employment. Along the way, James became an Anglican priest – he is a father to his congregation as well as the many children he has rescued.

Major benefactor, Dominique Lapierre helped fund James’ work for over three decades. More recently, Steve Waugh, former Australian cricket captain, has come on board to help fund Udayan.

James has worked with Mother Teresa, was awarded the Legion of Honour by French President, François Mitterrand and has an OBE as well as other honours. His life is a testament to choosing hope over fear, actions over words, love over indifference.

James is a ripple who created a tsunami of change.

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